IBEW Local 477
Referral Rules and Procedures
Effective August 20, 2007

Sign in will be available any time during normal operating hours of the Business Office of IBEW Local 477.

Applicants must submit proof of the requirements set forth for the Book he/she wishes to qualify for in accordance with the applicable collective bargaining agreement. Applicant when signing the Book must designate the Area in which they wish to work. *(Area 1, 2 or 3).

Applicants requesting a higher Book shall provide proof to the Business Manager. (Applicant must schedule an appointment to meet with the Business Manager)

Applicant must sign the day sheet by 8:30 am to be eligible for dispatch that day. (The high desert dispatch mayor may not be open as reported on the recorder the night before)

Applicants will be allowed two turndowns (strikes) without penalty and will be rolled to bottom of the book after the third turndown (strike). Applicant will only receive strikes in the Area applicant is signed.


*Disability, *Vacation, *Turn Around (Spins)
*Jury Duty, *Bereavement
*Military Duty, Special Skills Calls
Overtime/Shift Calls, *Zone B Calls


Dispatcher will start on Book 1 each day and than proceed to the successive Books as necessary. Any applicant accepting a referral that terminates by reduction in force through no fault of their own which is 5 days or less will retain their place on the book. They will be charged with a short call. (They must provide a termination slip stating such)

Any applicant accepting a job referral that reports to the employer and finds the job is not available through "no fault of their own" shall be returned to their appropriate place on the book.

Short jobs will be 5 days (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays excluded). There will be no extensions, except through the Business Manager. Short jobs will be dispatched in rotation on the Book. If a person quits a short job or request a layoff they will have to sign the bottom of the Book. (There will be no strikes while on a short call)

Dispatch will remain open until all jobs are filled

The Business Manager is responsible to fill calls in a timely manner as needed by Employers. In an emergency, referral may have to be made outside normal hours using whatever means available to fill calls and place applicants.

Applicants in all groups must qualify for employment in accordance with all state, federal and local laws, regulations and ordinances. Where state certified employees are required, only state certified applicants will be referred. Applicants are responsible for providing proof of compliance to the Business Manager.

Being unable to meet minimum state certifications requirements is considered unavailable and will be counted as a turndown. Applicants must have provided proof of compliance prior to dispatch.


Job Line

All job requests by contractors received by Local 477 will be placed on the job line by 5:30 pm for the following business day's dispatch.

Job lines are (909) 890-0607, (909) 890-0609 and (760) 947 - 0032.

Re-sign Procedures

*Resign will be quarterly, in the first two weeks of the months of January, April, July and October. Applicant may resign in Person or by Mail. If by mail postcard or letter must have applicants signature, card number or SS number and include the applicants classification the Book that they are signed on and date they signed the Book. (Applicant must have this information if they call to check their name on the Book)

*If an applicant is refused by a contractor, (Turned around through no fault of their own). The applicant will not receive a strike for the same contractor for any job offered while on the book for this period.

* Area 1 will include the San Bernardino Valley from west county line to south county line to east county line, and north to the foothills of the San Bernardino Mts.

* Area 2 will include all of San Bernardino County not included in Area 1.

* Area 3 will be both Areas 1 and 2

* An Applicant who is discharged for cause two times within a 12-month period shall be referred to the neutral member of the Appeals Committee for a determination as to the applicant's continued eligibility for referral. The neutral member ofthe Appeals Committee shall, within three business days, review the qualifications of the applicant and the reasons for the discharges. The neutral member of the Appeals Committee may, in his or her sole discretion: (1) require the applicant to obtain further training from the JATC before again being eligible for referral: (2) disqualify the applicant for referral for a period of four weeks, or longer, depending on the seriousness of the conduct and/or repetitive nature of the conduct: (3) refer the applicant to the employee assistance program, if available, for evaluation and recommended action: or (4) restore the applicant to his/her appropriate place on the referral list.

*If applicant desires to change their Area they must remove themselves from the Book and sign at bottom of the Book in their desired Area

*Zone B referrals will be available for all Areas

*Disability must be supported by proper paperwork from SDI to the Business Manager. (Workman's compensation will also be treated this way). You must provide a "back to work order" before being eligible to accept a referral.

*Military Duty must be supported by the proper paperwork from the Services to the Business Manager.

*Jury Duty must be supported by written proof of service by the Courts to the Business Manager..

*Bereavement will be a maximum of 5 working days in any Calendar year (January l51 through December 31) with written notice to the Business Manager of Local 477.

*Vacation will be a maximum of 10 working days in a Calendar year (January l51 through December 31) to be taken 5 working days or 10 working days at a time with a 24-hour notice in writing to the Business Manager of Local 477.

*Re-sign is subject to change, please refer to information provided at re-sign or contact the Business office.

If at any time job referrals are not filled by applicants on the book, the strike system may go into effect for all exceptions.